“PRS partnership with Better Decisions has successfully enabled us to provide a unique and innovative service to our clients that helps bridge the gap between Qualitative and Quantitative research.   The Quali-Quant methodology provides great value for our clients who are looking for faster, real-time Quantitative results with the added benefit of Qualitative insights.   Importantly, Better Decision’s process allows for maximum flexibility to custom design each study to meet our clients’ specific objectives.”

J. Mantashian Vice President Global Qualitative Research

“At V/CR, we appreciate the extra value and insight Owen’s methods bring to our projects.  Beyond this, given the ever-changing dynamics of political research, we are most appreciative of his ability to be very flexible and change course to meet new objectives and demands which are often decided “on the ground”.  Owen never fails to deliver what we need!”

B Wigger   Vice President

“When speed is of the essence, this is my ‘go-to’ methodology.  And in addition to speed, it offers sufficient robustness for the client to make an informed and confident decision.”

A Sanchez  President Market Focus

“Seeing the hard numbers up there on the screen in real time meant we were able to make key decisions faster and smarter, and we were better prepared for what we needed to dig into during the following qualitative groups.”

R. Shuf  Manager Strategy & Insights