We specialize in the Convergence of Quantitative and Qualitative research in the focus group setting. We help you deliver more robust research by giving you numbers, the insights and the emotions, instantly. We work with research firms, moderators and clients delivering a Shorter Research Process, Deeper Learning and Real Time Results. Our methodology is completely portable. Our staff is on hand for every project.  We work in all the usual research categories plus Mock Juries, Sensory Testing and Emotional Response Mapping. Language is never a barrier.


For Litigation Professionals working in an independent and competitive environment, having access to the best technical support available to conduct trial simulations and jury-pool focus groups may be the difference between winning and losing the case.

Using Better Decisions’s DecisionTrac process, you will be able to generate the research data by analyzing the perceptions that target groups have about the issues and participants in high-stakes litigation.

Using DecisionTrac and Diagnostic questions in a Quant – Qual environment we can change the way you look at opening statements, key themes and stories, closing arguments, witnesses and demonstrative evidence.


We at Better Decisions have developed an on line survey tool that encompasses all our methodologies (plus a few new ones) in one package:

Traditional Questionnaires
Ad and Concept Tests for Print and TV
Emotional Response Mappings
Moment-to-Moment Tracking for Video and Animatics
Open-Ended Questions
Skip Patterns


Our Decision Lab process is uniquely designed to engage large groups of people in a consultation process.    Using a combination of interactive keypads and table moderating, constituents can take part in the debates and contribute to the outcomes – all in a plenary format.  25, 50, 100, or more participants at a time can feel part of the plan and solution.   Ask us to show you what we have done.


Make your next conference interactive by giving each attendee a keypad allowing everyone to have a say. Throughout the sessions and at key intervals during the day polling the audience will provide important information. Keynote speakers can ask pre-and post-address questions to see if their message got across. Panels can ask critical questions of the audience and receive instant feedback – knowing exactly what points to focus in on.
A more engaged audience means a more successful meeting. Ask us how!