Owen Jones is the founder and President of Better Decisions Inc. in Toronto, ON. Since 1996 the Better Decisions Hybrid methodology has delivered…

Shorter Research Process, Deeper Learning and Real Time Results

Owen and his Better Decisions team conduct research projects and focus groups in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and South America. Capitalizing on their progressive technology, innovative methods and proven processes for focus groups, Better Decisions test ads, concepts, products, packaging and various forms of marketing communications for ad firms, research companies and end clients.

The Better Decisions process truly delivers: The Numbers, The Insights, and The Emotions.

Owen is a RIVA trained moderator and a professionally trained facilitator. He works with clients and researchers in the design, management and execution of custom research projects. His experience includes financial services, packaged goods, confectionary, beverage, IT and communications, new home builders, auto manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical firms, medical facilities and medical devices. Sensory testing is another field that benefits from Better Decisions Hybrid Methodology.

Owen has worked with broadcasters facilitating and assessing the instant feedback on the changing attitudes of respondents to political debates and programming. Better Decisions collaborated with CNN on the 2004 Presidential Debates and the 2008 Republican Primary Debates providing the instantaneous moment-to-moment tracking that was broadcast live by CNN. Owen also worked with Global TV in Toronto on two provincial budget speeches as well as with Maryland Public Television and WJZ in Baltimore, MD. Better Decisions DecisionTrac technology was engaged to map the changing attitudes of respondents as they viewed President Obama’s State of the Union Address in January 2011 and Owen worked with the research team for a Republican candidate’s campaign in 2015 / 2016.

Strategy and planning meetings have also benefited from the Better Decisions methodology. Better Decisions played an integral role in multi-stakeholder, consensus building projects for three annual Potomac Conferences, a tri-state, business / government / public strategic planning forum sponsored by the Greater Washington Board of Trade; for Issues Fairfax, an urban transportation planning session for the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce; and multiple strategy forums with the US Department of Labor.

Better Decisions is active in litigation community working with Trial Consultants and lawyers in the mock jury process assessing legal presentations and demonstrative evidence.

Language is never a barrier. The Better Decisions methodology is used successfully with Hispanic groups both in the US and Mexico, as well as French language groups in Quebec, Mandarin in Shanghai and Thai in Bangkok.

Prior to launching Better Decisions, Owen was a Senior Consultant in Strategic HR and Change at KPMG Management Consulting, an associate with a specialized consulting firm, and spent 16 years in the financial services industry.

Judy Jacklin
Tech Specialist
Judy Jacklin
Tech Specialist

For over 20 years, Judy has been handling the tech side of the Quant / Qual experience. Unflappable,
focused, and results oriented, Judy skilfully guides each group through the first “quant” stage of the
research and then reports on the data that helps our clients make better decisions.
When she is not traveling on business, Judy is playing tennis, biking around the city, and renovating her
home in Toronto.